What is our story

The “Just” in our name “Just Falafel” has always stood for being “fair, just and honest”; principles we humbly endeavor to live by in all that we do. From relationships with with local farmers, quality suppliers to the social causes we support, our value system  is woven into the fabric  of  our home grown brand.
Just Falafel is redefining authentic street food.  Our journey from a single shop to a global brand in over 18 countries has been created by our loyal partners and brand fans. Every step of the way you have been with us on our food revolution. We have remained true to our roots of promising to serve authentic street food with the goodness of old-world flavours of our falafels. Now as we evolve we are adding more choice and quality to our menu; like shawarmas- another authentic street food. Our recipe for success has always been to redefine tradition and create a sense of community with our food, continually offering more choice to our followers.

As we grow, we never forget where we came from and what we are trying to achieve. We have over 700 restaurants in the pipeline in 18 countries but we continue to plant the seeds of success across the globe. With a constant demand for new restaurants as we expand from East to West and North to South we are proving the world has an appetite for our food.



Our mission is "To Feed The Hungry." Every time we open a new restaurant, we contribute to the UN World Food Programme. We are taking the revolution to the streets so more people can enjoy our authentic street food. The overwhelming message for our next phase of growth is to ensure all people that visit our restaurant can find something tasty and nutritious to eat. Our street food offering is set to expand significantly.

If you want farm assured and locally sourced ingredients we’ve got it. Gluten intolerant enjoy our hand-made wraps without the bread in a bowl. Want to be creative and build your own just the way you like it, just ask.

We know there is always a better way to do things. We work hard to find savory herbs and exotic spices with flavours that you will love. We do it for you so every meal tastes good in our casually comfortable restaurants.  
Hand-made by the people, for the people, we will take you on a journey of food discovery, so that you can eat well with a purpose and a conscious. Let our global flavours connect you with the diversity that we celebrate in our food and local communities.
We dream big at Just Falafel because quality food and great dining experiences matter. With our local franchises and partners we make it easy for you to be connected to your local community so we can all share a love of great food. We have together elevated the humble falafel to the global stage and now we aim to go further. Join us as we redefine authentic street food with all the variety that you demand and we your humble providers will deliver to your plate in a comfortable restaurant that feels like home. 

Some neat statistics

Developmentagreements for 700 outlets signed
52 Restaurants open ... and expanding
18 countries ... and growing


Meet the team

Just the right people. A team that works together to steer the brand that is Just Falafel. Allow us to introduce ourselves. 

Meet the team
behind the scene
  • Leonardo Valettas

    New Markets Operations Director
  • Karim Agha

    Operations Consultant
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