Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the Just Falafel team?

Joining the Just Falafel team will be committing to a community lifestyle that supports healthy living through entrepreneurial QSR opportunities worldwide. The JF Franchise provides you with the opportunity to be your own boss. With a relatively low investment, simple process, training program and development assistance, you are on your way to own your own business!

How much is the franchise fee?

The franchise fee for each Just Falafel outlet varies between $16,350 to 25,000 depending on the country where you are situated in. This provides you with the Just Falafel license, training, operations manual, menu development, support & guidance.

How much is the royalty fee?

Our royalty fee is upto 7% + of gross sales.

How much is the marketing fee?

Our marketing contribution is upto 4% + of gross sales.

What is the minimum financial requirement to qualify as a franchisee?

Just Falafel seeks qualified individuals to become franchisees. Since the total cost varies from restaurant to restaurant and country to country, the minimum amount required will vary. Generally, we require a minimum of $75,000 of non-borrowed personal resources to consider you for a franchise.

What are the monthly operational costs?

Please note that the range of financial costs for each individual Just Falafel location range because of location (city, state, country), location size, location requirements, staff size, delivery business model, working hours, and more. There are many variables to consider therefore a business plan that includes a P&L reflecting your ideal business plans will need to be developed by yourself as an owner and business partner.

What if I don't have a restaurant or retail experience?

While direct QSR experience is very helpful, Just Falafel welcomes interest from people who demonstrate a history of success, preferably in a high-traffic retail environment. Senior-level corporate experience, operations, finance experience and a history of entrepreneurial success are also viewed positively. We screen each interested applicant by our Franchisee Committee and grade each applicant using the Just Falafel Alphabet.

What is the Just Falafel Alphabet?

The Just Falafel Alphabet is the internal company criteria we use to screen, evaluate and approve incoming franchise applicants. Using a rating scale from 1 – 12, each applicant will be evaluated on our below standards. A - Attitude B – Brand Ambassador C – Capital Investment Availability D - Dedication E - Experience

How much does it cost to open a Just Falafel restaurant?

Please note that the range of financial costs for each individual Just Falafel location range because of geographic location (city, state, country), location size, location requirements, staff size, delivery business model, working hours, and more.

How much money will I make?

The money you make will depend on you. Your revenue is under your control and will vary from business to business.

Does Just Falafel offer financing?

No. You should be looking at 3rd party institutions that might offer you finance

Will you be helping us in hiring staff for the store?

Hiring staff will be your responsibility. We will be advising you on staffing requirements, job descriptions, pay suggestions and what to look for when hiring staff during the HR part of your training.

Where do I get the food from?

We require all franchisees to purchase food from approved food suppliers. This will ensure consistency, quality and best value across all JF restaurants.

Will the menu change in my area?

As Just Falafel continues to grow around the world, we will always offer the main product offerings on our menu in order to have consistency and maintain brand recognition. However, as each country requires different tastes and preferences, our menu items and pricing will adjust accordingly to provide a healthy option in each community at competitive prices.

What is the availability of Just Falafel restaurants in my area?

After moving through the Just Falafel franchise application process, one of our Franchise Recruiters will be able to provide you with additional information for your country of interest. Our available opportunity varies in each country.

Will Just Falafel assist me in finding a location?

During your orientation part of training each franchisee will learn and understand the strict site and location criteria elements to finding the perfect location. We will review each submitted location. Our Operations team will mandatorily have to approve each location before committing to any contracts. We take into consideration the following factors: Competitors presence, rent price, size, electricity load, location, parking, visibility and more.

What is the area required for a Just Falafel store?

The size of each store varies significantly from 30 square meters - 300 square meters, depending on the outlet jurisdiction and location..

What kind of training will I get?

It is our mission to ensure that Just Falafel business partners have the support and training needed to be successful. Each franchisee will be required to go through our intensive on-site and classroom training course (upto 3-4weeks) that covers the different aspects of your business. Our comprehensive Manual of Operations, combined with the support of our field staff, provides you and your team the tools you will need to operate at the highest level and sustain the reputation of the Just Falafel brand. A strong support foundation is implemented from the very beginning of our partnership, as your success is our success.

How do I apply to become a Just Falafel franchisee?

Register your interest and begin the steps to becoming the next successful Just Falafel franchisee.

How long is the entire process of becoming a Just Falafel Franchisee?

The Just Falafel application process can take 3-4 weeks. After signing the franchise agreement, the roll out timeline to becoming an operating Just Falafel store could take up to 9 months.

Disclaimer: This website and the information contained in this website are not a franchise offering and not intended as an offer to sell or to solicit an offer to buy a franchise. Franchises can only be offered in compliance with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements, if any, in your jurisdiction.

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